Building the Prototype Open Knowledge Network (Proto-OKN)

Award Info:

Estimated number of awards for Theme 1 is 8 to 10 awards at $1.5 million for three years, for Theme 2 is 1 to 2 awards at $1.5 million for 2 years, and for Theme 3 is 1 award at $1.5 million for three years 3. Theme 2 projects can be potentially renewed for an additional two years for a budget up to $2 million. The number of awards is dependent upon available funding, quality of proposals received, and the degree to which proposals meet the solicitation goals, NSF merit review criteria, and solicitation-specific review criteria.


This muti-agency translational research solicitation seeks to build a prototype version of an integrated data and knowledge infrastructure called the Open Knowledge Network (OKN). The solicitation identifies three themes associated with building the Prototype-OKN (Proto-OKN). Theme 1 focuses on the development of knowledge graphs to provide data-centric solutions to various societal challenges. Theme 2 focuses on the development of the interconnecting technical “fabric” needed to link the knowledge graphs developed by Theme 1 teams. Theme 3 focuses on the creation of educational materials and tools for a wide range of constituents who are expected to be interested in engaging with the Proto-OKN