Charles Koch Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

Award Info:

The Charles Koch Foundation supports proposals from individuals seeking innovative solutions. The best way to find out if your project request is a good match with the goals and vision of the Foundation is to submit an online grant proposal.


The Charles Koch Foundation supports the study of the institutions that enable a society of mutual benefit where people succeed by helping others improve their lives. Through grants to universities and non-profit organizations, we connect students and scholars with the resources to explore diverse ideas and solutions that meet the challenges of our day.

CKF has an open, rolling application process, which means we welcome proposals for research and educational programs throughout the year. Requests for funding that fall outside of the Foundation’s vision or giving practices are declined at the selection stage. Among other items, the Foundation is not able to support:

Percentage-based overheard costs
Applied Research and Development
Community development 
Cultural exchange programs
Economic development
Medical treatment
Political activity
Lobbying activity