Focus on Recruiting Emerging Climate and Adaptation Scientists and Transformers

Award Info:

The average total award size is expected to be less than $100K for FORECAST planning grants, $4M for Track 2 awards, and $7.5M for the Track 1 award. The duration of FORECAST planning grant awards will be up to 12 months. The duration of the Track 1 award will be a maximum of 60 months, and the duration of the Track 2 awards will be a maximum of 48 months. Anticipated funding amount, number of awards, and average award size and duration are contingent upon the availability of funds.


This solicitation strives to create a community of scientists ready to tackle the challenges the nation and world are facing due to climate change, who know the means and vehicles available to them to meet that challenge, and who can effectively work within established social, economic, and social justice fabric to ensure implementation and sustainability of solutions co-designed with parties in need of climate resilience.