Lupus Research Program Impact Award

Award Info:

The LRP Impact Award encourages applications that support the full spectrum of research projects or ideas that specifically focus on scientific and clinical lupus issues, which, if successfully addressed, have the potential to make a major impact in lupus research and/or lupus disease. Applications should include a well-formulated, testable hypothesis based on strong scientific rationale that is established through inferential reasoning and/or critical review and analysis of the literature. Inclusion of preliminary data is encouraged.

Independent investigators at or above the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent) are eligible to be named by the applicant organization as the PI.


The LRP mission is to fund research to understand, prevent, and diagnose lupus and to improve treatments and quality of life of patients, including Service members, Veterans, and beneficiaries.
The LRP vision is to cure lupus through partnership of scientists, clinicians, and consumers.
To be considered for funding, applications for the FY20 LRP Transformative Vision Award (TVA) are required to address the following Focus Area:
• Improving quality of life for individuals living with lupus including, but not limited to, access to healthcare resources, outcomes research, symptom control, comparative effectiveness research, and issues and challenges that when addressed make day-to-day living with lupus easier and life more fulfilling.

This award includes an option for more than one PI: an Initiating PI and a Partnering PI.