National Quantum Virtual Laboratory (NQVL)

Award Info:

This solicitation pertains only to the Pilot phase of the NQVL program. QSTD Pilot awards may be funded at a level up to $1,000,000 for 12 months.


With this program solicitation, the Foundation is introducing the National Quantum Virtual Laboratory (NQVL) concept as an overarching shared infrastructure designed to facilitate the translation from basic science and engineering to the resultant technology, while at the same time emphasizing and advancing its scientific and technical value. The NQVL aims to develop and utilize use-inspired and application-oriented quantum technologies. In the process, NQVL researchers will explore quantum frontiers6, foster QISE workforce education and training, engage in outreach activities at all levels, and promote broadening participation, diversity, equity, and inclusion in QISE, thereby lowering barriers at all entry points of the research enterprise. The engagement of the entire United States (U.S