Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar

Award Info:

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars receive:

Membership in a vibrant community of Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders in their respective disciplines and sectors. 
Leadership training from our Mentors and Fellows, including unique experiential learning opportunities that enrich and complement their academic experience.  
Opportunities to acquire greater proficiency in Canada’s official languages (French and English) as well as Indigenous languages. 
Up to $40,000 per year for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living expenses.  
Up to $20,000 per year for three years, as a research, networking, and travel allowance. This funding may also be used for activities related to the learning of languages. 
Lifelong membership in the Foundation’s alumni network. 


A three-year leadership program designed to train Engaged Leaders, equipping outstanding doctoral candidates with the skills to translate their ideas into action. Up to 16 doctoral Scholars are selected each year and receive generous funding for their studies in addition to leadership training in the context of Brave Spaces.