Research Basic Plasma Science and Engineering

Award Info:

$300,000 per year for single-institution applications and for each institution in a multi-institutional team.
$500,000 per year for multi-institutional teams, whether applied for a prime applicant with subawards or as collaborative applications.


The DOE SC program in Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) hereby announces its interest in receiving new or renewal single-investigator or small-group research applications to carry out frontier-level research in basic plasma science and engineering. The FES Discovery Plasma Science: Plasma Science and Technology–General Plasma Science (GPS) program supports research at the frontiers of basic and low temperature plasma science, including dynamical processes in laboratory, space, and astrophysical plasmas, such as magnetic reconnection, dynamo, shocks, turbulence cascade, structures, waves, flows and their interactions; behavior of dusty plasmas, non-neutral, single-component matter or antimatter plasmas, and ultra-cold neutral plasmas; plasma chemistry and processes in low temperature plasma, interfacial plasma, synthesis of nanomaterials, and interaction of plasma with surfaces, materials or biomaterials. In addition, this portfolio supports microelectronics and Quantum Information Science (QIS) research opportunities.